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Lab 3 - ERROR: bad proposal response 500: access denied for [JoinChain][allarewelcome]

PaulAmehUgw1PaulAmehUgw1 Posts: 19
edited June 17 in LFS272 Class Forum

I am getting bad proposal and access denied when I run the below:

peer channel join -b allarewelcome.block

Error message:

Endorser and orderer connections initialized
Error: proposal failed (err: bad proposal response 500: access denied for [JoinChain][allarewelcome]: [Failed verifying that proposal's creator satisfies local MSP principal during channelless check policy with policy [Admins]: [This identity is not an admin]])

I followed all steps but it's still failing. Please any idea how to make this work??


  • indirajithindirajith Posts: 42
    edited June 17

    Hi Paul, I hope this error is after restarting the peers. If so, me too got the same error. You need to set the identification path of both the peers to the admin of Org1. This step is explained in Lab 2.
    export CORE_PEER_MSPCONFIGPATH=/etc/hyperledger/msp/users/[email protected] ​org1.example.com/msp

    Next, we need to pull the genesis block for the current channel we would like to append our peer to.
    peer channel fetch oldest ​allarewelcome ​. ​block ​ - ​c ​ ​allarewelcome -- ​orderer ​ ​orderer.example.com:7050.

    Before joining the channel go to Lab 2 and issue the above two commands within the peers. Then join the channel. Hope it helps!

  • PaulAmehUgw1PaulAmehUgw1 Posts: 19

    Hi indirajith, Thanks. It worked!

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