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Anyone fail LFCS?

I did not pass my first attempt at LFCS :-(. The issues I had were mainly details and anxiety. I knew most of the stuff, but too broadly. Little details, like command line options, killed me. On top of that the anxiety kicked in and I was a nervous wreck.

Did anyone fail the LFCS exam? Did you retake? What advice can you give for people who failed on the first attempt?


  • coopcoop Posts: 260

    I always tell people to view the first take as practice since the second one comes at no extra cost. One thing that is important is to remember you can always do (for example)
    ls --help
    to get a short listing of options for the ls command, for most commands. Even experienced users forget a lot of day to day command options. Also all main pages are available.

    As far as details about the exam, it should not be done on this forum

  • Understood. I'm not asking for details about the exam content. True, man pages are there, but when something goes wrong, fumbling through man pages when you have a very limited time to submit answers, on top of the anxiety, is easier said than done.

  • coopcoop Posts: 260

    No, I know you didn't do anything inappropriate :) As far as anxiety goes, I've always disliked time-limited exams as in the real world usually the quality of your solution is more important than how long it took to get it (most of the time) and if you reduce anxiety people usually actually finish the test quicker. Those who take forever do not do better, they often do worse because they overthink things.

    But given the nature of a certification exam, time limits are needed and it is up to the exam designers (not us) to make sure the amount of work is reasonable for a normal human. Everyone has different methods for dealing with anxiety and exam prep. Centuries ago, when I was a student, I never studied the morning of an exam, if I could I'd go to the beach or something and zonk out. Others needed to cram up until they entered the room or they get even more anxious all morning We are all different :)

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