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Lab 4 - Errors trying to run minikube

egrueteregrueter Posts: 2
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I have encountered an issue with Lab #4.

When attempting the “minikube start” command, the VM is not loading.   I have tried this with both the standard command as well as the “--vmdriver=none” option.   Any ideas?  See attachment for the error.   Please note, I am running CentOS7 on a VMware virtual machine via workstation.   I have VT-X/EPT enabled on both my PC and the VM.  I have VirtualBox installed with my CentOS VM.

See errors:



As a point of feedback, for a course that tailors itself to brand new users, it makes a lot of assumptions in the labs about setup.   I for one was lucky enough to have a Linux VM running Docker already, but had to find out how to download and install virtualBox.   There should be a pre-requisite lab for those of us that may need it! 


  • sebgoasebgoa Posts: 23
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    Hi, sorry for the trouble.

    The assumption (probably not made clear enough), is that you are installing minikube on your local machine (desktop or latop). You should not install minikube within a VM as it will need nested virtualization to work.


    Minikube runs a virtual machine that contains all of kubernetes. The easiest path is to install VirtualBox on your local machine , install the minikube client on your local machine and do `minikube start` locally. Do not try to do this within a VM, or it will be a VM within a VM.

    Please let us know where you believe we need to make this information clearer,


    thanks for your time and your feedabck,



  • egrueteregrueter Posts: 2
    edited September 2017

    So what I decided to do was to install Docker on my OS-X based laptop along with virtualbox.   This appears to work correctly through lab #4.

    As I mentioned, I would advise considering a pre-req lab for anyone taking this course that goes through installing docker on their local machine, installing virtualbox, etc.  Also, the course says that a Linux box is required.   Why?   Docker is supported on OS-X and Windows as well.   So is virtual box.  I'd also make clear that doing this class inside a VM isn't supported.   

  • sebgoasebgoa Posts: 23
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    ok good point, thanks for the feedback

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