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Requirements for Exam Facility

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Good day,

This is more of a general exam question, but in terms fo the venue for taking the exam, will a boardroom with video conferencing facilities be acceptable?

I don't have a webcam on my laptop or PC, and ideally I wouldn't want to have to go an buy one just for the sake of the exam :)




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    I'm afraid that the requirements include a webcam. From https://training.linuxfoundation.org/certification/lfcs#examDetails :


    Candidates are required to provide their own front-end hardware (laptop or workstation) with Chrome or Chromium browser, reliable internet access, and a webcam and microphone in order to take exams. Candidates do not need to provide their own Linux installation or VM; they will be presented with a VM in their browser window using a terminal emulator. Candidates should use the compatibility check tool to verify that their system and testing environment meet the minimum requirements.



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    Guess who's getting a new web cam then :)

    Thanks Luis


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