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Confused on lab 10.2

I am on Task 2 Step 9:

Now we need to configure routing back to the other node, bc1. Remember to use the IP of the router port.

[[email protected] ~(keystone_tester)]# ip netns exec \ qrouter-27bcb5f9-8af5-419f-a0ff-9d109314c8b8 ssh [email protected]

I am probably overlooking something really simple but where do I find the needed IP? I am guessing with the "neutron router-port-list bk-router" command, but in the example output for that command earlier there is no listed. So where did the IP come from?

Isn't the point of this task to add a route on bc1 for the network with a next-hop of the router interface?  If so, wouldn't you ssh into bc1?  Which in your example outputs is I tried adding the route on bc1 and the ssh connection times out.


  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 918
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    The end goal is to be able to ssh from one instance (bc1) to another (bc2). Routing has to be configured in each instance. As far as knowing which ips to use the easiest way is to log into the BUI as admin. You can click on the Admin -> Instances tab and see all the running instances and their IP addresses. 

    Then figure out the qrouter UUID. Again in the BUI click on the router which connects the two networks together. You will note that the router UUID is the same as the qrouter-UUID reference from the output of ip netns list.  

    Then ssh into each node and configure a route to the other. Once the route is set, each direction, you can ssh from bc1 to bc2 (or the other way). This is the end desired goal of the lab.

    Please let me know if this was the info you were looking for. I can try to explain more otherwiise.


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    Thanks for the reply that's what I thought we were trying to do.  I will attempt the lab again and see if I can figure out why I was unsuccessful or what I might have missed the first time.

  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 918
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    Hello Cory,

    You may have already noticed this, but in your origional posting you included the backslash in the command, right after the exec This is only used in line continuation. While it shouldn't have any effect, you may want to try it without, as a single long line and see if it works differently. 



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