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I'm currently using Ubuntu 9.04 and I believe that ALSA is the sound server. There is an irritating piece in that, I have to turn the sound all the way up from the command line utility and then adjust the volume from either the applet or the buttons on my laptop, which I don't think work right.

Is it possible to turn the sound way down in ALSA and still hear sound without have to turn up ALSA first?


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    When you open alsamixer in the terminal, are you adjusting more than one channel? The panel applet is set to control just one channel, usually master or pcm. When you adjust from alsamixer, the settings are not automatically saved, so each time you restart, it's reverting to the old settings. To save your settings after adjusting from the terminal, type: sudo alsactl store
  • i would look in to ditching the ALSA drivers and installing the OSS drivers for sound there much better and seem to work better with newer sound cards i use them and now have no sound problems:laugh:
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