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Unable to mount xxx Error msg

GWilliamT Posts: 2
edited November 2015 in Getting Started with Linux

I created a Mint14 Boot USB stick to access the files on a non-booting desktop computer. The stick boots,but when I try to access the files, or any drive including the boot stick, I get the following message:

"Unable to mount 'xxxxx'

Adding read ACL for UID 999 to '/media/mint' failed: Operation not allowed."

This is my first attempt to use Linux for anything and I don't have a clue. This happens when booting my laptop with the stick.

Thanks for any help.



  • GWilliamT
    GWilliamT Posts: 2
    edited November 2015
    Through some luck and extended searches, The solution seems to be the directory referenced did not exist. Used terminal to create it: sudo mkdir /media/mint. Drives are now accessible. (don't know what 'sudo' is but I'm on the road again)

    Gonna have to invest more time in Linux.


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