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How to install skype?


I have installed the superX distribution

on my pc and i need help to install skype.

Could someone help?




  • arochesterarochester Posts: 290
    SuperX claims to be compatible with Ubuntu.

    Go to the Skype download page and get the appropriate Ubuntu .deb

    If you haven't already got i,t Gdebi is useful and will automatically install .debs. Install it by opening a Terminal and inputting: sudo apt-get install gdebi.

    Go to the Skype .deb. Right click it and choose "Install with gdebi".
  • now you can use skype on web using onedrive

  • sedorsedor Posts: 9

    This video helped me, so give it a try.
  • robdogjrobdogj Posts: 4
    have you gone to the skype webpage & tried the Ubuntu versions? I believe the Ubuntu 12.04 (multiarch) should work.
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