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Place for feedback?

Where do we report typos or issues with LFS201 please? Nothing major to report, but it would be nice to offer feedback if possible.


  • Thanks for the link Adam. I'd also asked Foundation via their social media pages, without any response. Lots of course promo but no clear channels for user interaction. Can't be the Linux way! :)
  • coop
    coop Posts: 798
    Hi sorry, I didn't realize I was supposed to be monitoring this. Indeed the best way to send us typos, corrections, etc is to mail [email protected] Please mention LFS201 in the subject.

    We have been continually revising the class, fixing minor errors, typos and adapting students' suggestions and we welcome them.

    Jerry Cooperstein
    Training Program Director, Linux Foundation
  • Hi,

    Sorry too -- didn't mean to come across as critical. It really is a great course so far!

    I have generated heaps of course notes so far and remembered to jot down a few glitches along the way. I will email them as suggested.


    David Harrison


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