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Powermanagement -> Suspend to Ram

Hardware: Dell Latitude E6510

Problem: After entering suspend mode / standby, the system won't start anymore.

Software: testet on OS: Ubuntu 13.4 / 13.10 / Mint 15 with several. Kernels: 3.8.xx, 3.10.xx, 3.11.xx

This worked for ages, but then, without changing anything, it just fails.

I need some help, what i can test/do to fix the issue.

What do you need to help me?

I tried so far:

- changing Kernels

- updating distribution

- changing distribution

- Updating the Bios (1.03 -> 1.09 -> 1.15).

Thanks for reading up to this line... :)


  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    Have you checked the system log files to see if an indicator can be found or used memtest to see is bad memory can be the cause?
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