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Greetings from Napsteren

Hello fellow members!

My real name is Kenneth, I'm 18 years old, and currently studying computer science at Copenhagen University of Science.

In my spare time I do lots of different things. Though my main interests lies in coding and hacking. I code in Assembly language and C, while studying software exploitation. Apart from that I'm an active "unprofessional"stockbroker, making some money from buying and selling stocks mainly in the sector of the material graphite and in nanotechnology. I also love to play guitar and drums, while being with my friends and having fun.

The reason I joined this community and forum is actually because I am writing my final exams project about Open source and Linux, and I need some opinions on the whole idea of Open source and the Linux kernel from some different points of view to my project. This leads me on to a question I have ^^

In what section may I post my questions to be answered by the great people in here? :)

I would love if someone could help me out a bit, because I am new in here, and trying to get my final project to be as good as possible!

Thank you in advance.


Kenneth aka Napsteren


  • Hey Napsteren.

    Good to have you on board. You can always post the question you have in small talk. (Which I see that you already have.) I can tell you already that I use open source because I believe that the user should have the power over their product, NOT THE MAKER. Once you have closed source vendors, and nothing but, you will live in a society where corporations own your information (They may say they won't, but does anybody really believe them? Have you ever seen closed source companies, by-and-large, ever ask for less of your information?). And anymore, you can't bypass using a computer for most jobs in today's market, there is no skating around the issue. Freedom of the user either lives or dies with us. (The Open Source and Free Software group). There is no getting it back if we lose. So, this is why I use Open Source Software personally. The Linux Kernel is merely a good instrument for me to support Open Source.

    Hope we can give you a diverse and well fleshed out answer to your question.
  • I'm glad to be on, Izzy! Thanks!

    Thank you very much for your answer! It really helps me out a lot!
  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    Welcome to the forum, Izzy is correct that non technical questions should be posted in small talk.

    As for your question, I prefer using open source whenever possible to maintain control. My concern is control over what tasks the software performs. I have become very biased against closed source software because when a bug is encountered the user does not have access to source code, so they are at the mercy of the vendor waiting for the problems to be fixed which can take years and may not be announced to the other users. When in contrast, the open source projects make it much easier to trace the problems, implement a fix and distribute it back to the maintainer and onto the web to help protect all users in a timely manner.

    At this point in time open source and collaborative development is making a huge impact on the software and devices market, the rate of advancement has become so fast that closed source companies cannot afford to compete without also collaborating, which yields higher quality products and great new ideas.
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