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Renju developed by me

dreaimx Posts: 3
edited April 2012 in Games

Recently, I had time and developed this game.

It runs well on Red Hat 5. The developing environment is gcc 4.1.1 and gtk 2.0.

There is still a bug. I hope you like it.

You may download the source code from here:




  • Hi dreaimx,

    Thanks for sharing!

    I downloaded it, looks fine. However you might want to consider using something like github to share your code, a shared google docs link can make things look a little shady.

  • dreaimx
    dreaimx Posts: 3
    edited April 2012
    Hi MasenM,
    Big thank you for your advice!
    I accepted your suggestion and changed the link above direct to github.
    By the way, your nickname MM means beautiful girls in Chinese. Just a joke.
  • dreamix,

    You're welcome. Hope you like github, it's a pretty cool solution for sharing and maintaining code.

    Also I looked up MM on a list of popular Chinese internet slangs this morning, it does mean pretty girls among other less appropriate things. I got a big laugh out that this morning :)

  • begueradj
    begueradj Posts: 19
    thank you very much for the code. It allows students like me to learn.
  • dreaimx
    dreaimx Posts: 3
    To begueradj:
    My pleasure.


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