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Total newbe Linux Mint 12 bt login

I just started with Linux Mint 12 and after booting the computer it loads Back Strap, and I really don't know what Back Strap is, then a black screen asking for "bt login" no matter what I enter here it then asks for a "password". Now I haven't set up any passwords or anything in fact I haven't been able to do anything yet. If I try to enter enything into the Password area it won't accept the typing that I am doing. This is an old computer that I just installed a new hard drive in today so there is nothing on it except what the cd has installed. I have never used Linux before so I am a total newbee at this. Any help you folks can give me will be grealty appreciated. As I said I am new at this so be gentle with me and use layman terms so I can understand. Thanks guys


  • Sorry, in above text I said back strap but it actually said BackTrack 5.
  • marcmarc Posts: 647
    I'm not sure I understand what your problem is :S

    Did you install Mint or BackTrack? Where did you get the installation media from?

  • I got the CD from the Linux magazine it came with it. I was trying to install Linux Mint 12 but when I did it installed BackTrack. I guess they are both on the same disk I don't know. Anyway now I can't do anything. I tried putting the disk back in to see if it would run again but it won't bring it up. All I can get is the bt login line.
  • marcmarc Posts: 647
    This question is not related to the thread, please start a new one if you want to discuss other topics

  • Ok I finally got my Linux Mint 12 running. So far so good. Thanks for the replys
  • marcmarc Posts: 647
    What did you do in the end? got a mint cd and installed?
  • As I mentioned above the computer wouldn't let me run the CD after I installed BackTrack 5 on it with out asking for a bt login. I kept trying everything I could think of and finally in desperation I changed the keyboard and then when I booted the computer hit f12 and suddenly there it was. It turned out to be a bad key on the board who would have guessed. On the CD it seems there are several options to install and I did not see that the first time I ran it. Anyway long story short I selected Mint 12 and the rest is history. I never would have guessed it could be something wrong with the keyboard.
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