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Lab 19.1 outdated on Fedora 23?


My primary system is Ubuntu (using apt and apparmor). So,...

I've installed Fedora 23 in dual-boot to practice yum and selinux.

It turned out that yum is depreciated and dnf is used now instead.

I can't recall dnf is even mentioned (correct me if i'm wrong) in this course.

When i tried to tail /var/log/messages - file doesn't exist anymore - one should use journalctl instead (read README inside /var/log).

Anyway i did install rsyslog and reboot. It is there now.

Am i right? Is this something that should be added to course materials, or?


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915
    Fedora 23 is completely on the edge and we don't really try to make sure everything works there. For a stable rpm-based platform from Red Hat family, we encourage freely available CentOS7. Note the LFCS/LFCE exams are not given on Fedora.

    dnf is only used (and is essentially experimentally being rolled out by red hat in fedora) and it doesn't make sense to deal with it in LFS201. Furthermore, all but the most esoteric yum/rpm commands still work, you just get a warning say use dnf instead. It will be a long time before they get rid of the backwards compatibility wrappers.

    Yes, pure systemd configurations get rid of /var/log/messages (by default). Once again, as far as I know only Fedora is doing this.

    Fedora is great, but it is for people living on the cutting edge; that does not describe
    a good share of LFS201 students :) I know for a fact there are certain serious things quite broken in Fedora 23 (I can't even get a properly configured VM to work with it anymore in vmware; and "update" to the system destroyed it and noone seems to care!) and the attitude is often wait for Fedora 24, since new releases come out around every 6 months or so. So we've also stopped making Fedora images available to people, too hard to maintain sometimes.

  • dbuday
    dbuday Posts: 17
    Thank you, Mr. Cooperstein, for quick (as i expected) and very detailed (not expected) answer.
    This is first time i ever used anything out of Debian family, so it just caught me unprepared. New environment - and immediately a bunch of unexpected things.
    I've supposed Fedora to be best choice for Red Hat based system - but my decision, apparently, wasn't that smart.

    There is one more thing i must know: if i'm taking my exam on Ubuntu, will i have to take a closer look to apparmor (not really covered in course), because i believe that examiner cannot test my selinux knowledge on system that is not using it at all?


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