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Lab 40.1 - any ideas how to install firewalld package on Debian-based systems?


Hi everyone,

Greetings from Poland :-)

I using a Debian on raspberry Pi as well as Ubuntu Desktop. No possible to install firewalld properly on both ones so far. I tried according Lab instructions and Internet:

./configure fails because of glib-compile-schemas is missing. I looked for a solutions on the Internet. I found that I need a libgtk2.0-dev. Once this installed, I tried ./configure again. I've got an error that intltool is too old. Ok, I installed it again as apt-get install intltool. After that ./configure ends without errors. So, I moving right along, I typed make and another problem has been occured: make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1.

Does anybody install firewalld package on Ubuntu or other Debian-based system? Or perhaps it would be better using CentOs 7 for this exerise. And what about an exam? I declared an Ubuntu as desired distribution. Will I have to install a firewalld package?

Thank you.


  • FToledano
    FToledano Posts: 27

    From wikipedia:
    "FirewallD is also available as one of many firewall options in the package repository of many other popular distributions such as Debian."

    Can't you use apt-get instead of compile from the source?

    After installation, firewallD must run without another firewall running (iptables or UFW).

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915
    On ubuntu 15.04 you can just do:
    sudo apt-get install firewalld

    on earlier ubuntu (like 14.04) I'm not sure as it is pre-systemd

    as far as raspberry pi goes, I have no idea.

    Installing any software from source can produce these kinds of problems (missing headers, libraries, etc.) It's part of the fun (or the pain) and it is why we have distributors who provide packaging systems to save you the labor as well as subtle problems arising from incompatibilities etc. :)
  • rdrajerczak
    Indeed, apt-get works on ubuntu 15.04 with firewalld. I really don't know why I went that way with installing a software from source. I guess I was a little tired... :-)
    Many thanks for your answers.
  • harrchen
    harrchen Posts: 5
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  • harrchen
    harrchen Posts: 5
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    As a follow up, will the test ask to uninstall ufw and install firewalld in ubuntu?  Similarly, apparmor is the default instead of selinux, will the test specifically requires selinux in ubuntu?


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