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Hard Drive Setup and Security Questions


I'm preparing to install Arch Linux with some random Desktop Environment and some proprietary graphics drivers in the future and plan to recompile following Linux From Scratch and use the Intel C compiler for performance.

Then, when starting to install, It hit me, I haven't a clue how to choose a file system, or encrypting tools.

Questions that I have -

1) which file systems will work best on an SSD?

2) How do I know whether a File System utilizing Copy on Write is appropriate?

3) If I'm just using Swap and maybe 1 or 2 partitions, should I use LVM?

4) I've heard a lot about Ext2,3, and 4 as well as Ext3COW, ReiserFS, and Btrfs, XFS, and JFS. What are the pros and cons, and which one is right for me?

5) How should I choose an Encryption Software and Method? I Imagine this to be dependent on the File System, partitions or LVM used, and whether Full Disk Encryption is needed.

6) I'm thinking that I want to use LVM identifying Swap and root FS. Believe that ext4, Btrfs or JFS for easy recovery of accidentally deleted files. Also noticing that dm-crypt doesn't seem to support any of those file systems. Thoughts/Suggestions?

System to be used - Intel DQ77KB motherboard, Core i3-3225 CPU, 16 gb Ram and Intel Speed Demon SSD, and Intel wifi - believe the intel 5000 series wifi card, but could be newer than this.


  • RandomUsr
    Resolved -

    1) Decided I didn't care too much about this for the time and Used Ext4 My SSD has decent Trim Support
    2) Resolved as I'm using scheduled backups and will dive into snapshots later on.
    3) Decided to use LVM for the ability to extend or shrink my Swap and Home partitions.
    4) N/A Decided to go with Ext4
    5) as I'm using LVM, will encrypt my /home partition only
    6) Didn't really find an answer but not important for now.


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