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When is the course going to be updated again?

I am wondering because I believe the new exam will include new topics


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,767
    Hi rchenzeng,
    The course has been updated in December, and the new version includes new content that is required for the certification exam.
  • rchenzheng wrote:
    I am wondering because I believe the new exam will include new topics

    I would assume you can check with the institutes that supply the course to check for updated information.
  • coop
    coop Posts: 913
    Just to be clear, Flavia and I are part of the team responsible for the course.

    We are not the exam team; there is a firewall between.

    The course has already been updated for the new exam versions, according to the exam people's public information.

    This class does receive periodic updates, mostly bug fixes and changes to labs and exposition that clarify. We do that every several months; doing it more often just confuses people as they may lose bookmarks etc, and we announce when new updates are done. More major updates, such as completely new content are less often and are strongly announced.
  • Thanks all.

    I am going to present my test right after the update so I do not want to the unprepared.
    Also, I believe that keeping the exam away from course designers is clearly counter-intuitive as the whole point of providing an online course by the same organization is to ensure pass rates thus more course packages are purchased.
  • coop
    coop Posts: 913
    Having exam and course staffs separated is a good standard practice; it is also done by some other organizations that provide both, such as Red Hat. In some circumstances and jurisdictions, it is even a legal requirement!

    Otherwise there is a tendency to only "teach the test" which is counterproductive.

    Furthermore, it allows third party organizations and companies to sell training on an equal footing. The Linux Foundation is not interested in having a monopoly on training for exam preparation, we are not that kind of entity.
  • Cisco seem to clearly support it and their certificates are well respected.

    But the real problem here is that the domain competencies are misleading!


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