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Lab 40.3 doesn't have the solution


In section 40.9, the download link for Lab 40.3 says it's the lab and the solution. The page that downloads only contains the "lab" part, being where it describes what to do without specifying the command line, or the "solution". The required solution is readily apparent if only from the "firewall-cmd" man page, but if you're going to say it contains the solution, then it should.


  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,935
    Hi dkarr,

    Please check page 1.11, where you can download all the labs and solutions for this course in one .pdf document. You can find the solution for Lab 40.3 there. We will be updating the document on page 40.9 to reflect it as well. The updates will be visible when we release a new version of the course.



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