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Outdated Compatibility Check?

jyomaj Posts: 2


Based on https://www.examslocal.com/ScheduleExam/Home/CompatibilityCheck from https://training.linuxfoundation.org/certification/certification-information-and-faq#sys-reqs, I apparently need to have a minimum resolution of 1280 x 800 to take the exam. However, I only have 1366 x 768 on the two devices I have access to. I have made sure I have the latest drivers.

I just checked a Wikipedia page which seems to imply that 1280 x 800 has become rare since the more standardised 1366 x 768. Is this correct? If so, I'm thinking my laptop will be fine.

I sent a message to examslocal.com this morning to advise. However, if anyone else can help, I'd really appreciate it. Also, if a reply is posted here, others might not have the same anxiety over it.

Thanks in advance.


  • saqman2060
    It says "minimum of a resolution of 1280x800". If you have higher, you should be fine. The reason I think is for to interact with the whole exam interface.
  • luisviveropena

    I don't think that small different is important. But in your case, I would confirm with examslocal.com, as you are already doing.

  • rchenzheng
    rchenzheng Posts: 36
    edited January 2016

    Nevermind compatibility check does not even check.

    I would suggest increasing the resolution of your laptop or plug it to a monitor.
  • jyomaj
    jyomaj Posts: 2
    Thanks for the replies.

    Just for reference, the examslocal.com support team said and I quote "That will be fine. ...1280 x 800 is the recommendation but it does not prevent the exam from being taken. "

    Also I asked a colleague at work and he said all it might mean is that I have to scroll across 32 pixels.
  • NYCJacob
    There should probably be a note that there is a know problem with Mac displays where the top part of the screen gets cut off. It took me a few minutes at the start of the exam to realize I could begin and that was only after I hit enter several times till I finally saw a prompt.


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