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Hi all new to Linux Mint Cinnamon


Hi, I am new to Linux, well really not new as I have tried several distros in the past but never got passed downloading them booting them up and deciding they not for me. Well this all changed with the introduction of Windows 10 and the data mining and the likelihood that would be a annual charge, and to be quite honest I got fed up with Windows and the Microsoft policies. I had only use Windows from XP to W10 and only a user, built my own PC's but like most only used Windows so when W10 came out I decided to risk a try at Linux once again, but this time really research properly. My research made me believe that Linux Mint Cinnamon was the way to go And have been using it now for two weeks and have no problems and it seems to me that this distro for ex MS users is the best way to go. I have contributed to Mint coffers as I believe that if you are using a free Distro someone has to pay for the privilege of people spending their time and expertise building such alternative Operating System.


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