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Is this course resourceful enough to pass the exam? Maybe not for the new exam 2.16

rchenzheng Posts: 36

I am almost at the end of the course and I find that this may not be resourceful enough to pass the exam, given the topics listed out in the exam review.

As others mentioned earlier there will be virtualization, apache server management, SMTP/IMAP, LDAP, virtualization, etc..


Some of the things that were not shown in the course but listed in the exam topics:

[*]Configure an LDAP server and schema
[*]Configure an HTTP server
[*]Configure HTTP server log files
[*]Configure SSL with HTTP server
[*]Restrict access to a web page
[*]Provide/configure network shares via NFS

TL:DR: Will this be added to the course as of 2.16 or not? I do not believe that the current course is enough to pass the new exam given the requirements.


  • Am I mistaken here or the course is actually not even enough to pass the current requirements? As they also include apache and ldap configuration/setup

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915
    As I mentioned in an earlier post, most of the changes in the course material to align with new exam domains were for LFCS, and in particular in courses like LFS230.

    If you examine the domains and competencies listed for LFCS, LFCE, they are almost the same in the new descriptions (unfortunately). However the *weights* assigned are very different, so that some of the things you are worried about are more heavily weighted for LFCE exam.

    Now if I had published the list of domains, I would have not done things this way for the exact reasons reasons of confusion you have given. But training and certification are separated by a firewall and I have no special knowledge of exam content.

    However, please note two points:

    1) common sense tells you that if you have a two hour exam, and there are no multiple choice questions (everything is performance based, i.e., set this up, fix this, perform this task etc.) there is no way certain areas can really be covered in a question that might take at most 1/2 hour say, probably less, and more difficult ones would be preserved for the higher level exam.

    2) The LF Certification project offers a *free* retake; this is done to a large degree
    to reduce anxiety level, so you can see what things are really like. You can also view
    that first exam taking as practice.

    So I'm sorry it is not optimal (the domain list) but for now that is all there is.

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915
    In previous post says LFCS when I meant LFCE! (most changes were for LFCE!)
  • I hope you are right because I do not want to be unprepared for the exam or surprised by topics never covered. Would be nice if there was someone who had taken it to shed some light into this.
  • ultraninja
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    edited January 2016
    rchenzheng wrote:
    I hope you are right because I do not want to be unprepared for the exam or surprised by topics never covered. Would be nice if there was someone who had taken it to shed some light into this.

    This is also my concern. Thank you Coop for your info and replies to this thread and to my own thread with a similar question. Coop mentioned something particularly helpful: I was confused by why the LFCS v2.16 and the LFCE have almost identical looking Domains and Competencies. Coop is saying they look the same or similar but the exam is weighed differently. Only 10% is weighed on those service configuration topics. Such as configuring NFS server or LDAP etc. Still, the LFS201 doesn't cover NFS server config or the others.

    I also emailed Linux Foundation Customer Service asking to talk to someone on the phone about this confusion. They emailed back and said I can't call but I can ask a question in email. I replied with my question but haven't received a reply yet.

    At this point, I've been working on this course and some other 3rd party courses for a while now and feel I must just go for the exam. I'll be taking it on the pre-V2.16 domains and competencies since I'm scheduled before Feb 2nd. We'll see how it goes.
  • rchenzheng
    rchenzheng Posts: 36
    edited January 2016

    Im planning to do the same, I just hope they reply before we actually take it.

    Thanks for emailing them
  • I am out of luck.

    All exams are booked before February 2nd.

    Coop what will be included in the new exam?


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