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Lab 4.2 does not work on Ubuntu because it does not have systemd installed - lab not feasible


I wonder whether anyone really cares about the course to be honest.

I never receive any feedback regarding my postings.


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915
    Hi Elyas:

    we do pay attention. Please read http://www.linux.com/community/forums/lfs201-class-forum/scope-of-support which explains the scope of support. You cannot expect real-time tutoring. We do monitor the discussion boards and answer as we can, especially when it is a relatively easy thing to answer (i.e., does not involve a lot of testing on different distros etc.)

    Looking at your posting history, you have a total of 5 posts, 3 of them in the last 24 hours and two in the last few days of December, about 10 days ago. Some of them have been commented on or answered by other students or Luis (who monitors and answers things on this forum) To touch on some of the subjects Luis talked about in scope:

    1) There are questions that are pure formatting things (like I can't see the bottom line on the page) which get passed to the instructional design people who evaluate and fix; L

    2) There are bug reports and errors in the text. We try to deal with these as fast as we can, but keep in mind revising the course for every minor thing is not feasible as it screws up students taking the course, so we do more comprehensive releases every few months. Fast as we can does not mean in real time, it means within days at worst usually.

    3) There are questions where students just don't understand things, are looking for more information etc, but don't relate to course deficiencies. You'd be surprised how many of those arise because students do not absorb what is in the text. We do what we can with these when we can. There are some very very helpful students who help each other as well in a community fashion and we are grateful to them!

    Looking at your posts (I will answer them separately as I can) I notice some of them have been asnwered by other people besides the course monitors. Such as the ones From Dec 30 on Chapter 39, the one from Dec 28 on Chapter 36.1. The others are all within the last 24 hours.

    Please keep in mind we offer this class at a very discounted price, often in combination with certification exams and other promotions. At that price we cannot devote full time staff to tutoring. We are conscientious and answer things, but don't expect answers within minutes. Whenever I do this (and I do answer quickly often if
    I have time) I worry about people expecting this as a rule :)

    I hope this clarifies our methods.

  • Elyas
    Elyas Posts: 28
    First of all I'd like to apologize. I think I was just a bit frustrated. I did not mean it that way and I appreciate your efforts really.

    Though, as the title says, I don't know what to do if I simply cannot do the lab (in this case 4.2). Is it exam relevant? Can I skip it or should I make sure I can get an OS where I can practice that?

    I chose Ubuntu 14.04, so my guess is I don't need to know yet.
  • luisviveropena
    Hi Elyas,

    Look at this, from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers :

    Support status
    First, it is important to note that systemd is only fully supported in Ubuntu 15.04 and later releases. While systemd is available in prior releases through the Ubuntu repositories, there is a deemphasis of support for these releases as noted here. Hence, it is advised to use the default upstart on prior releases.

    So, that lab isn't going to work on Ubuntu 14.

  • rchenzheng
    I do not think you will be tested on systemd if it is not supported as the exam is distro specific.

    For example: if I chose CENTOS 7 for my distro exam cannot test dpkg.

    However if you just wanted to learn why not create a virtual machine? Or use a live disc for CENTOS or Fedora


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