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Lab 16.1: Misleading info in step using fdisk


Step 1 of this lab says "Create two 250 MB partitions of type logical volume (8e)". I believe 8e corresponds to "Linux LVM". Calling this a "logical volume" is probably misleading and a bit confusing, as the further steps describe creating logical volumes. The wording makes it sounds like you're creating logical volumes in step 1, when you're only creating a partition of a particular type that can be used by Linux LVM.


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915
    If you run fdisk, type "8e" is listed as "Linux LVM". You may find this confusing but it is conventional. We did not coin the name and its use in partitioning. The whole area is called "logical volume mangement" although it involves physical volumes (partitions), logical volumes (which look like partitions) etc. That's the way it is.


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