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Game designer, digital artist/animator suggestions for Linux OS?


Hello, I Just joined and am desperate for some info. Just a little bit of background: I'm someone who doesn't care much about coding or web design or the inner bits of computers. I tend to learn what I need for the purposes in front of me. So what is a user friendly easy to use Operating System along the line of Linux?

I've been primarily a Windows user for years. But I'm sick of all the commercial snooping, ads, bugs, etc. What can Linux offer me? And what programs would be compatible for it that would fit my needs? There are many programs compatible with Windows that I just love. And I am concerned that moving may not go so well based on my particular needs. But I want to try something new.

I don't want anything to do with CLOUD computing however. I want things local, right in front of me, right on my machine. I don't feel private with things like a cloud.

I use Wacom tablets. I have an old Cintiq model that was my go to tool for creating designs along with photoshop and Flash. Aside from that, it was just great to have this tool as an extra viewing screen. I look to break into all kinds of work making comics, books, animations and doing game design. Currently I'm learning Java so that I can work with a game engine called RPGMaker MV. The thing is, this kind of program doesn't look like it has a version compatible with Linux. That's a big negative for me.

Are there any alternative programs similar to what I mentioned above? Anything in Linux that can match something for designing in art and animation?

Is there anything similar to Bandicam that I can use on Linux? Will Firefox or Tor browsers work on Linux?

If I have to learn more about how to operate Linux just to use basic features, I might feel discouraged. I would prefer to be concerned only with the programs of interest to fit my needs regarding the work I want to do. I don't want to have to be concerned about Operating System software as well.

Anyway, happy new year people. What suggestions can you make?



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