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Very Weird Can Someone Explain

bungiex88 Posts: 8
edited December 2015 in Ubuntu

A couple years ago i needed a laptop of some sort something to check email and surf the web but didnt want to spend alot so i bought a accer chromebook. shortyly after i decided to put the chrombuntu on it becasue i enjoy using lixux alot. I had chromebuntu on it for a year and then something crapped the bed. From what i could get out of it it was a motherboard faliure. A year went buy and i decided to get the chromebook out to do some tinkering to see if i can fix it. plugged it in turned it on and it powered up in google chrome os like nothing was wrong. What the heck happen how did something like this fix itself. Now when i had chromebuntu on it it never started up in chrome os it always booted to linux.


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