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I can't boot or use Windows 10 currently

jassim1716 Posts: 1
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Hi :)

I have Toshiba Satellite with Windows 10 (not a notebook), Intel inside and Nvidia GETFORCE

And now I have installed linux distribute: openSUSE Leap 42.1

Before doing the first restart after the installation, I did some sittings

I got packages and repository of Nvidia and added desktop enviroment KDE after Gnome

which one or both of the sittings couldn't a good choices to do right away or on my PC...

And next:

I couldn't log on to linux and got text "a problem has occur d and the systed cannot recover"

I also couldn't do the boot choice: Windows Boot Manager

Anyways, I reinstalled openSUSE Leap and am using it. Still, I want to use my Windows.

It will be easier to solve things FOR ME through Windows this time...

Message I get trying Windows Boot Manager ("on /dev/sda2"):

file path: /ACPI(a0341d,0)/PCI(2,1f)/Sata(0,0,0)/HD(2,200800,32000,9c40d8a6c45f24b,2,2)/File(\EFI\Microsoft\Boot)
error: Not supported image.

Press any key to continue...

Urrm... What should I do?

I have posted another post by the way:



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