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Moving from Windows 10 to Linux

---- Microsoft SUCKS! ---

After 35 years of Microsoft, I have had enough... I am totally finished with them. The last few weeks converting machines to Windows 10 only to find Networking and File System broken was the start, but when I paid money to get onto Microsofts "Cloud Storage" "OneDrive" and found that they misrepresented the products capabilities making it only valid as a cloud backup. For instance, If you store 800 Gigs on One Drive and you then log into a new computer, One Drive will download all 800 Gigs. There is no way to limit its bandwidth, so expect your network to become unreliable as 2+ computers are updating your onedrive data and uploading new files. Also expect it to fill up your computers hard drive, then if you don't have enough to store all 1.01 TB of files, it will bring your drive to 0 bytes of space free and if you try and use one drive it will fail and tell you you don't have enough space. There is no way to pause the upload/download either, so your only option is to exit the application.

Anyways, this is typical Microsoft, and I am finished with it. I have a machine that is Windows 10, that I have accessed Microsofts tech support only to find out Work/Homegroups is broken, and that there is no way to share files from or too this machine. I also have broken files and folders that exist but where deleted over the network. Meaning they are there, they take up space, and can be read, but if you try and delete them, windows 10 says they don't exist.

I have been also dealing with Microsoft Networking that when streaming files and folders from Windows 10, but I try and access the network shares of the same machine only to be told that it is unavailable and offline. I need to keep trying for a dozen minutes until finally the machine starts responding. This only happens when file browsing network shares of other machines.

Thats not to mention that almost all spyware and virus's are written for Microsoft products, and that if you download a safe program from the wrong provider you are inundated with spyware that doesn't want to download.

I am not alone with these issues...

--- Question ---

I was thinking of running Linux Ubuntu as a Desktop and Windows 10 as a VM for the games that don't have Linux versions. I also can't play or rip blurays from Linux. I run ATI and was hoping the ATI drivers are good enough for gaming, and was going to use the Linux VM for the ones that don't run. I am a complete noob to most things Linux. I did use to do web development on it a few years ago, but never ran it as a desktop. I am recovering my files from onedrive and attempting to get access to them and restore the last 3 weeks of uploads to a local server. When thats done I will be migrating machines to linux. I am just not confident I can play Blurays from a Windows VM or games. I got allot to learn. I am completely exhausted of these issues. Is this a viable option for me?




  • Hi Green Jelly welcome to the Linux club. About a month ago I got fed up with Microsoft and W10 as it had been such a nightmare, I originally downloaded Linux Mint 17.2 64 bit and have found that it was so much quicker than W10 and was easy to use I have now updated it to Mint 17.3 and had no problems took about 5 minuets nothing like the Windows updates and the time they take. I looked at Ubuntu but felt that Mint was the best to transfer to as a ex-user of Windows. I think games are supplied by Steam for Linux I cannot comment on that as I am not a gamer but good luck with Ubuntu, oh you realise you can run Linux distro's as VM to try them before you actually download so you would be able to download and burn them to DvD so you can try all flavours before you make up your mind up which distro is right for you, but they will run slower that will do when you decide which one is right for you. Good luck with your endeavours but take your time.
  • As a gamer, I am praying that SteamOS and Steam Machines sell well and force game manufacturer's to support Linux. So far it looks good for this as I have heard they are out selling XBox's and Playstations combined. From what I have heard, ATI does not have the greatest drivers for Linux. This has to change. I also know that there are only 1200+ titles for linux, which yes is allot, and is allot of the titles I own, but is not all of them. I and others are real eager to leave Windows, but Games are really holding us attached to this peace of shit os and company.

    I talked to Microsoft Tech Support. They told me I had to buy a $150 product of theirs to get work-groups working on a machine that had no problems until it got upgraded to Windows 10.

    Windows 10 continues to have the same issues with deleting folders and having them become in a state where they exist and work, but can't be deleted without restarting because they "Don't Exist". Last error took over 12 hours to solve. The common safe mode solution didn't work. Ive noticed the problem on Windows 7, 8 and 10. They can make deleting folders impossible without huge amount of work. Insane.

    I got a Windows 10 machine that worked perfectly until I upgraded it. Now it wont share files or join a workgroup because "Workgroups can't be added to this machine" is the error. Thanks microsoft, Generic errors make googling and research that much better. What I can find is that its a known issue with no solution. I am restarting the machine and moving all its files onto a server. I am either going to Linux or windows 7. It needs to play a few games.

    Nothing works. I have 35 Years of Experience with Microsoft Products. This is not new. They have always been a shitty company. All their products are terrible. The only thing they do well is Grammar Checker in Office. Thats their one advantage. Their servers are terrible.

    Very frustrated. Fighting with ANOTHER Microsoft Product. When will I learn.
  • On windows every time you download software the risk becomes huge. Wife downloaded "Mozilla Thunderbird" and crashed the machine because she went to the wrong site on Google. I have done this, everyone I know has done this. Its a huge issue on Windows. It can make the computer your using impossible to use, and the only solution is often a re-install. All because I clicked a big green "DOWNLOAD" that was an ad and not the actual download link. Yea, retarded. Nothing works right. If you want to do something new, expect to have to put $35-$50 for a new application. You can't even read the SMART data on your hard drive with the OS, you need a 3rd party application for that. If you don't buy it, you risk getting one that is funded by spyware. Fun.


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