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Difficulties writing to hard drive with Windows 10, Fat Dog 700 b2


on a new Inspiron 3451 with two GB RAM which I upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10.

I was advised to go to the Power Options and disable quick boot, as Windows 10 does not actually release the hard drive on shut down, but puts it in a sleep/hibernate mode of some kind.

I have some success writing to hard drive by saving from Abiword, but Firefox will not.

When I tried to save using Ubountu, I got a long error message saying the hard drive was unstable. so I just powered it off.

I thought I should ask before I spent tens of hours googling.

I have the feeling that Microsoft has influenced firmware manufacturers to make using live Linux with Windows 10 very difficult.

BTW. Surprisingly, Windows 10 works quite snappily on the lowest grade Dell laptop with light load, that this is.

Basically, how does one use the hard drive associated with Windows 10 with Linux.


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