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Any place or website for Linux distro wishlist.



I'm new here, I've been using Fedora from few months. Is there any official website or place for any distro where you can submit a wish list of features, etc.

I would like a distro with an emphasis on helping students reading textbooks or novels on computers, which has a good ebook library management software, which display ebooks of various formats, with a text or document editor, in which they can note their thoughts about what they read or do exercises mentioned in the textbook, which have pretty graphics, dictionary, etc.

I think many people might appreciate such a distro.

Thanks for considering this.


  • dday35216
    dday35216 Posts: 71
    edited August 2017

    Have you tried any others besides Fedora? Check out Distrowatch.com where you can see all the latest release notes and screen shots for hundreds of the latest. You might find one that fits the bill for what you want. 

  • Sławomir Lach

    About Linux which lists - maybe make crowdfounding portal, where one people ask for functionality, developers reply with solution description and people, who give money can vote up for solution, Developer, who give solution with biggest vote up will receive money. Linux fundation or other owner of this portal would receive small amount of money from votes.


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