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New book for Linux Mint 17 (ubuntu 14.04 trusty). Migrate to Linux and leave Windows behind for good


I have written a new book for Linux Mint 17 users.

Linux Mint 17 Full and Painless Migration for Anyone


This book is extensive.

Here is the intro:


I have 35 years of experience in the computer field. I used Microsoft Windows for my Desktop from 1998 until 2014. After seeing Windows 8 I knew I needed to abandon ship. One day, when I could not download not even one free application off the Internet that wasn't malware, toolbar, and spyware infected anymore I left for good. I could not even download a simple video plugin from a Fortune 500 company without having my web browser being toolbar'd (you know which one). The day I signed a EULA from my Antivirus software that said they could upload my personal files to their server as part of preventing viruses I blew my top. That and UEFI had steam coming outa my ears.


This book is a journal of my complete and full conversion to using Linux Mint 17 exclusively over a period of one year. It is by no means complete, but then it would contain too much information if it was. Written from the perspective of a Windows user gone cold turkey this book intends to answer all of the common questions you would have after migrating to Linux. Everything from handling hard drives, installing the OS, updates, installing the best video driver, elevating privileges, and how to install software. Plus matters of comfort like Watching TV, Netflix, Shockwave Flash, and video editing. Advanced issues like viewing hardware, checking for bad blocks, and full and fast drive encryption and secure deletion. There is something for everyone in this book. From the newbie, to the experienced Linux user. Even the Ubuntu user (version 14.04) can benefit from this book. Many of the procedures in this book are pure gems. Some took as long as 6 months to develop. Many of them you will never find anywhere else. No amount of Internet searching will find them for you.

Here in lies one year of pure pain, now you go enjoy a painless migration to Linux.

Sincerely, Roger


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