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What Distribution do I use for testing?


Hey there. This question is probably asked a lot of times but I couldnt find any that really helps me in my case.

I have a main computer with all my stuff on it and everything a main computer does.

Now I want to buy a laptop with linux on it just as something like a test-laptop where I can do stuff without worrying that I loose important data. It should be easy to reinstall, quite fast, compatible with most windows software and easy to use. Im pretty good with computers, so getting used to linux wont be a big problem for me.

What Linux Distribution should I use?


  • bootneck02
    Hi I am a new user to Linux having been brought up on XP, Vista, W7, W8.1 and started W10 but got concerned with data mining and privacy issues that comes with that operating system. I have chosen Mint 17.2 64 bit. I have found it to be the easiest of all the distro,s second Linux Ubuntu. There is plenty of help out there should you need it on this site. The first thing you have to remember Linux is not Windows so you have to forget everything about Windows when using any flavour of Linux. I have only been using Mint for only about a week and I am an older silver surfer so if I can manage the transfer so can anyone. Good luck in your new adventure.


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