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Burning Debian on DVD-R, first time Burn noob


Hey guys thanks if you're taking the time to read this and respond! So i made the mistake of buying DVD-R format disks instead of DVD-RW disks because i didnt think making a bootable DVD would be this difficult. i already wasted like 4 disks trying to do this so any help would be appreciated. Im using Windows10 on a Dell inspirion 15 5000 series laptop (a 2015 model). My burning options are magicISO, power2go, and default burner. PowerISO i think is the popular one but for some reason it wont download... I already burnt the the debian iso file onto the DVD and went into bios and turned off secure boot and enabled legacy cd rom, then switched UEFI to legacy with cd/dvd option first then hdd etc... I have no idea what else to do??


  • problem solved!! If anyone had the same problem as me just download IMGBurn from Ninite and use that, its malware free if you download it from there.. And it does everything for you, you just burn it and done. I guess with other theres extra steps like extracting anf making into an iso and then making that bootable. But with img =burn just burn n go and it should just automatically show up as a drive in your UEFI.


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