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2 different problems instlling Kubuntu on 2 different computers - please advise?


Dear Sirs;

I downloaded Kubuntu 14.x (64 Bit) and burned the ISO file to DVD disk to install on 2 different computers (dual boot using Windows 10) that I have. Each computer I've experienced different major problems as follows:

1. HP Pavilian g7 Laptop - Windows 10; 64 Bit; 17" Flat Screen; Intel i3 CPU; 4 GB RAM; 650 GB HD. While booting from the fresh *.ISO DVD I came rto the installation menu:

1. Kubuntu Install

2. OEM Install

3. Check Disk/Drive

First, I selected #1: The laptop screen went dark and continued that way for a long period of time. I finally powered off, ejected the DVD, and rebooted.

The laptop appeared to be booting up to Windows 10 as usual, but then it stopped with an error message stating that a file in a directory similar to the following - (this is from my memory only as my keyboard driver does not load on boot anymore so I can type or print at all....the mouse driver eventually did load later):

"The following file is corrupt and can not continue.

C:\install\boot\cfg\etc\.boot.in" (Estimated...may have been different in the directory)

Contact your administrator, hp or the manufacturer of this software."

From that point on, whenever I would try and reboot into Windows, the mouse driver would load but not the keyboard. I could not log into Windows 10...or restart and go into the BIOS on start-up due to the keyboard not responding in any way.

I turned my laptop off and put the DVR back into it so I could try booting up into Kubuntu 14.x again. It would only boot up to the original Install Menu mentioned "above" and I could not select anything to try and have Kubuntu fix the problem while booting up and installing.

Since then I have tried restoring the Windows image; HP repair-recovery; other HP restoration/tools built into the system to try and restore this laptop to functionality again without success.

Strangely, upon booting up and hitting the ESC and F10 keys....the laptop would give me the option to go into the BIOS by pressing F2 - but I could not successfully go into it by pressing F2 because it was not responding to my kay stroke, yet it somehow did upon boot-up to allow me that option - rather than boot back up into Windows 10. I don't uderstand why. and, once to the login screen of Windows 10, I could not type my password due to my key strokes not being recognized.

So, I am baffled and my laptop sits with my being unable to use it.

Please assist and advise...it would be greatly appreciated!

2. Dell Tower Optiplex: Windows 10 (from Win 7); 64 Bit; 6 GB RAM; 1 Tarabyte HD:

Here, I was able to use the same burned DVD Kubuntu ISO file to install Kubuntu onto this computer successfully without problem

However, the problem came (on a previous version of KDE Ubuntu) AFTER the installation.

When Updates or a New Version of Kubuntu became available and were downloaded and installed, upon the restart I could login, but both times my screen would go completely dark as if the new software did not load the previous versions monitor/display drivers to initialixze my monitor. It's very difficult to try and manuever around and change settings with a black monitor - impossible for me.

Everything sounds and seems to be loading properly except the display. I do not know.

Please help and advise...I really desire to have Kubuntu on both these computers along with Windows. HP will probably not be able to assist me or anyone else.

Thank you so very much!

John A. Jones




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