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New-ish to Linux. I have a few questions but it's best if I dedicate each question to a single thread.

On Windows, I use Truecrypt.

Doesn't work for FDE on Linux.

I am planning on using this tutorial to encrypt my Linux install on either Linux Mint or Elementary OS.

Anyone know if it will work? And whether or not I can trust that it doesn't have back doors?

Also, any tips for me before I get started on encrypting it? And how would I need to create the partitions? I have heard I can't just partition a single partition as root and leave it at that, and I have to partition /boot separately as /boot doesn't get encrypted. Is this true?


  • Alir
    Alir Posts: 8
    Btw why does the tutorial use "backup2" - what is backup2 for and why the 2?

    Can you choose whichever name you want? A more appropriate one would be "LinuxInstallation" for example.

    And no offense intended to the moderators but why is every single post of mine being approved first? It'll take ages this way for me to get support.


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