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Kali Linux :installing the system

I have watched countless videos on how to install Kali Linux and it seems that everybody just installs it like it is nothing. But me being the computer programmer in the "group" and the only one not able to install it for the life of me is annoying . During the boot on the vm it says

"mount: mounting /dev/sda on /media failed:invalid argument

unmount: can't unmount /media: invalid argument

mount: mounting /dev/sda on media failed: invalid argument

mount:mounting /devfd0 on /media failed: No such file or dictionary

unmount: can't unmount /media: Invalid argument

mount: mounting /dev/fd0 on /media failed: No such file or dictionary"

I need help with that as well as what to do when I did my hardware check on linux it came up with this

"Failed to load libmenu.c32

Failed to load COM32 file hdt.c32"

And I am not sure if I am correct or not but I believe that all of that leads up to my installation not going smoothly. when I am doing the installation after the disk partitioning etc. it stops at 4% and red appears on the screen. I am at a loss I have reinstalled both the vm as well as the iso. file and have even tried the VMware virtual machine and the torrent version of the download. so if you guys have an answer that would be great!




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