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Lab 13.2: Filesystem Quotas

SilviuA Posts: 3

I had an issue on CentOS 6.5: after changing noexec to usrquota in /etc/fstab and remounting the fs under /mnt/tempdir, when i run sudo quotacheck -u /mnt/tempdir I got this error

quotacheck: Cannot create new quotafile /mnt/tempdir/aquota.user.new: Permission denied

quotacheck: Cannot initialize IO on new quotafile: Permission denied

It seams to be related to SELinux permissions for that directory.

One solution, aside the one setting SELinux to permissive, came from http://www.unix.com/red-hat/176845-user-group-quota-not-working-rhel6-2-ext4-ext3.html : change context of the /mnt/tempdir

# chcon --reference=/var /mnt/tempdir

In my case it worked.

Hope this helps someone encountering the same problem.


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