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What courses to take for a Linux newbie?


Which way is the industry going? I'm not sure what courses to take. One person told me Red Hat. Anyone have suggestions of the most beneficial linux course to take to get started? It's being paid by my company. Many thanks!!!


  • tonytheleg
    Depending on your skill level, I would start with Linux Foundations LFS101. If you have no skills or knowledge thats a GREAT place to get a good overall education. As for which way is the industry going, it really depends on what your job hopes are, but Red Hat is pretty dang popular and wouldn't hurt.

    A great site for Linux training is Linux Academy. Its a subscription program, but you can train on TONS of things linux, including ALL of the different Linux Certifications. Its $30 a month but Linux Action Show (a great podcast) has a promotion for $50 quarterly and you get full access to all there courses.

    Here is the link to sign up with that promo price


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