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Printing from OSX Mavericks to a Ricoh photocopier


Hi I've been trying to make my office photocopier work with my mac. I've downloaded ghostscript, foomatic and pxlmono. If you know anything about this stuff or where I could look for advice - can you give me some pointers please??

Thank you,



  • arochester
    Perhaps you should ask a Mac forum instead of a Linux one...
  • mpalmeruk

    You could take a look at PaperCutNG( I think its free for personal use) if you have a local linux server on your network.

    Basic steps once you install PaperCut are: use the CUPS interface on the server running PaperCut to create a printer queue. (You have the choice of IPP,Samba,LPR and so on). Install the PPD for the printer on your Mac and create a new printer on your Mac and point it to the PapercutNG CUPS queue.

    Hope that helps.


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