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Moving from Windows to Linux...



I have very limited experience of Linux as an OS, but I did a lot of coding in c for HPUX and Ultrix 15+ years ago.

I have extensive knowledge of all versions of Windows (beside windows 8 and 10) and have coded everything from windows drivers to Excel macros, I also have extensive knowledge of networking, TCP/IP and such.

I want to move away from Windows since I lost faith and trust in Microsoft's ability to deliver and produce stuff that is actually good for normal users. My goal is to learn all about Linux and get to the point where I can say I "understand" Linux and almost intuitively know how stuff work in the OS, but at the same time I want to start using it right away.


  • Minimal Linux with potential

    What is a good version of Linux to start out with that basically only have networking and a shell?

    I want to start out with something simple and take it step by step. It should be possible to add component/modules one by one in a highly controlled fashion so that I at all times can be in control of what is happening and see how different components/modules interact and work together. It also has to work on Hyper-V (2012-R2)since that's the only virtualization environment available to me right now.
  • Windows alternative that runs on Hyper-V

    What is a good Linux version with a GUI that "out of the box" installes and works well on Hyper-V (2012-R2). This is the one I want to start using right away and I need to be able to use it with minimal knowledge of Linux. Basic needs: Networking (DHCP), Web Browser, Outlook substitute (mail, calendar and contacts), preferable working with Office365.


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