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best distro for simplicity and good looks?

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I'm a Windows 7 user that, i must confess, finds linux harder than Linuxers claim. [I'm irritating, i know]. I probably have enough background, time, and aptitude; what i don't have the patience. [I've wasted so much time on Windoze that i simply refuse to spend man-months more tweaking another OS, as i'm now so cynical i no longer believe in that essy-computing pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.]

So i'm seeking the easiest distro, hoping that reactions to this plea will reveal a consensus. If it comes with a desktop manager that roughly equals Windows 7 Aero with Stardock WindowFX, without laborious groundwork, fantastic.

I've been looking at Zorin, Elementary, Makulu, and Mint. Which do you think is the best combination of simplicity and looks? Or do you recommend another one?

What i've noticed so far is that they all seem to sport FIXED desktop toolbars, top, bottom, or both. I suspect that, even if some of these bars are theoretically delete-able or hideable, practically speaking it'll be a nightmare. So if i can't find an empty desktop distro, or a guaranteed check-one-box desktop manager to do that, i'll have to return to a life of Bill Gates ****ing on me.

Thanking you in advance...


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