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XSS on your website


I tried different things so far. Writing mails, sending messages on twitter, but I get ignored since more than one week. I found XSS Flaws on linux.com, yet nobody seems to be interested. Judging from the bizarre Foot-/ base-/ whateverball livefeed someone seems to post here for unknown reasons, cloaking the forum with threadtitles like

"scored three times in the 10th Swihart's drive",

"to manoeuvre around the opposition's defence" and my alltime favorite

"the syncopation is beyond them It’s endless"

I have two explanations:

a) The admins are on summer vacation

b) This (sub)forum isn't really read by anyone

But I try to reach someone here anyway.

If you exist, dear moderator or admin, please, for the safety of your users, make someone read the mails I write or reply to my tweets. This is not really the kind of behaviour I expect from a site associated with the linux foundation. Maybe from some 10$/month selfcoded e-commerce shop or some sh*tty company whose customers don't click on it's website anyway, but not from a community driven site like this.

If some none-admin, who can suggest a better way of contacting them sees this, please don't hesitate to contact me. Also if someone wants to dial their number and tell them, that they should read their own forum (wtf!) you are welcome to do so.

I won't cause calling this us-based phone number would cost me way more, than I care about this.

Regards asdizzle_


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