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remove fuse module


Hi all,

I am doing exercises of chapter 7 (kernel modules):

I inser a module --> $sudo insmod /lib/modules/.../fuse.ko

However I can't remove the module anymore --> $rmmod fuse

ERROR: Module fuse is in use...

Same thing happen using modprobe -r fuse

Anybody know how can I disable the fuse module?

thank you very much


  • gserlenga
    gserlenga Posts: 11
    edited August 2015
    You could try this first:
    # fusermount -u <MOUNTPOINT>
    Maybe you're getting this error because the filesystem must be unmounted before its supporting kernel module can be removed from memory. This command should unmount the `fuse` mounted filesystem. Replace <MOUNTPOINT> with the path where the fuse filesystem is mounted. Then try the rmmod command to remove the module.


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