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Making LiveDVD of my encrypted system

McMurphy0101 Posts: 1
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Hi all!

I have a system which i installed on usb flash (doesn't matter why). The system has 3 partitions: "boot", "/" and "swap". "Swap" and "/" are encrypted by LUKS. "Swap" is encrypted by random key, "/" - by passphrase.

I created this system only to make a liveDVD from it (not liveUSB).

To achieve this goal i installed program called "Systemback" (fork of Remastersys).




So i pushed the button 'Create live system' (or Live system create, don't remember exactly) and configured it to automatically convert .*sblive to .*iso

Program made it's work and i burned image in DVD.

But when i launch it i have this:

Your system of uploading images does not work. Please don't delete it.






The last picture - is when i trying to startliveDVD with installed LVM2. No difference except one message

I went to freenode and ask some questions. Somebody told me that maybe the problem is in LVM. But LVM was already installed, so i installed LVM2. No result.

What is the problem? How can i make the system that is encrypted by LUKS work from DVD? And is it really possible? Maybe systemback doesn't support feature to make live-image of encrypted system?

The system is Debian 8.1.0

I did the same with nonencrypted system - result is succesfull, liveDVD works.

P.S. Sorry for my english, i am not native speaker.


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