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Can't open an application(compiled in Code::Blocks) - permission deined [Lubuntu]



I'm new here. My computer(HP Compaq nx8220) I had Windows XP earlier but it was so slow and I installed Lubuntu - not disappointed, because of it's speed, etc. I made two the same programs(windowed, with gtkmm-2.4) - the same code. First program works - compiled with Terminal, I d-click on the app and it works, but the second one doesn't. When I click 'run' in Code::Blocks it shows: sh /../main: permission deined.

I checked permissions in this program and the permission of 'Execute' is set on 'Nobody'.

I tried to change it - couldn't, even in terminal "sudo chmod -R ugo+rw /.../main"

Of course '/.../' is for ex. '/media/'.

Please help,




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