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CentOS 7


CentOS 7 now available as one of the distributions for testing/exam.



  • cseepersad
    Any one who has a different distro and would like to switch to CentOS7 can submit a request in your Portal to 'change distribution' and select CentOS7
  • gserlenga
    gserlenga Posts: 11
    edited August 2015
    I wish they would add Debian as an option as I do not really like having to test on Ubuntu due to it possibly throwing me off due to Upstart, etc.. but my worry might be unfounded, idk..
  • coop
    coop Posts: 915
    You certainly can do the class on any distro you are comfortable with.

    We have a firewall between exams and course development, so I don't have a specific knowledge of exam contents, but for every new distro they add to the exams there are a log of costs and Q&A etc, so it is not practical to go to Debian as more people numerically are on Ubuntu. Personally, I also would much rather use Debian without getting into holy wars.

    As far as upstart goes, given the fact that both Ubuntu and Debian are moving to systemd, if I were designing exams I can't imaging using Upstart questions. But I don't design the exams :)


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