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Several Questions about Linux Operating System


Hello, Im new to Linux and I used Ubuntu 15.04 for the first time because i am having a problem on activating my Windows 7 key. I discovered Linux from my Java instructor when we tackled about the history of computers and operating systems and he mentioned about Linus Torvald and heard that Linux is completely free of charge and everyone can reproduce or modify it (open source). Since I used Ubuntu everything has changed, My Samsung N150 Plus Netbook works so slow when it has Windows in it and it's running on a Intel Atom Processor but when I used Ubuntu it seems to be different from Windows. After a month using Ubuntu I feel unsatisfied because I encountered a lots of problem in Ubuntu when it comes on the installation Java Development Kit

I already tried Kali Linux, Ubuntu Studio, Backbox Linux but still I am not satisfied

So Im here to ask some questions

What Linux distribution I must use for Programming and Development?

What is the best Linux distros appropriate for Netbooks?

what Linux distro that runs "pure linux kernel"? The most secured and most often used by many

And what distribution Linus Torvalds like or used in a day to day basis?

Because I'm a big fan of Linus Torvalds, i really like his creation.

You can tell me more suggestion on how can I used Linux comfortably and hassle free.

And I want to hear it from the original Linux users because I find Youtube very wrong about providing information about Linux. I find it hard to believe them.

Thank you so much.

-19 y/o Computer Science Student from the Philippines


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