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USB wireless card identification problem in kali Linux


Help Me Please

Kali I Linux 1.0.6 64-bit version on the Virtual machine I use, and I've bought a USB wireless card when I connect my computer to the wireless card into my car and then connected Vyrchal down Page Vyrchal car, but I do not feel any difference in the Kali myself and I do not recognize my wireless card in the terminal that no driver or chipset USB wireless card I do not know.In addition, I no longer work with Linux Kali and I do not know how much of the work with the simple psychological please explain to me step by step Thanks!

If you email to me the best


My USB wireless card models: D-link DWA-125D1


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    In Kali Linux, users frequently encounter USB wireless card identification issues, often hindering connectivity and network access. This dilemma complicates tasks such as penetration testing and network analysis. Resolving this problem demands meticulous troubleshooting and potentially installing compatible drivers manually. For instance, when attempting to access the IAAI auto auction site carfast a functional wireless connection is imperative. Addressing these identification hurdles ensures seamless navigation through critical online platforms and enhances the overall efficacy of Kali Linux operations.


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