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Windows Vista to Linux

I have an old laptop that I'd like to uninstall the current Windows Vista and install a Linux OS on.

The specs are:

Gateway W350A (T-1625)

AMD Turion 64

1.00GB memory


Currently the computer is slow as hell and the DVD does not work. What I'd like to do is to completely uninstall Windows and hope that will speed it up. At one point I had thought of installing Unbuntu but with so much of my writing files on it I was uneasy about making the switch. Now I have a new machine and would like to use the old one to play with, try out Linux and maybe teach myself some programming.

I did search some of the other posts on the forum and couldn't quite find all the info I need. I know that which ever Linux I go with I will need to download to a USB to boot with and will need to be compatible with my antique system.

Any help, suggestions and/or instructions would be greatly appreciated.


  • arochester
    arochester Posts: 367
    1) If you can, increase the amount of RAM. That computer should be able to support up to 4Gb.

    2) With only 1Mb of RAM look at something light, like LXLE http://www.lxle.net/

    3) Beware, if you add a lot of heavyweight apps to a lightweight system it will cease to be a lightweight system.

    4) Some laptops use generic DVD/CD-Roms which can be easily replaced. That computer does not. It appears to take a particular DVD-Rom. You could look out for a replacement on something like ebay.
  • thanks for the reply

    Not sure if I want to invest in upgrading this computer but could be fun project when I have the money to do so.

    I read something online about downloading dbase to get rid of windows prior to installing Linux. Does that sound right?
  • arochester
    arochester Posts: 367
    No, if you just install Linux it will wipe out Windows.
  • just a quick update. It took a couple of tries but I did get Lxle installed on my laptop and it's soooooooo fast! boots up quick, seamonkey opens quick and it's like a brand new machine.

    Now I have the dilemma of having a brand new laptop with Windows 8.1 and a new running with Lxle.

    Thanks for the help.


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