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Possible errors in LFS201 Ch 40. Firewalls


Learning Objectives

- 4th bullet point: text probably should not say “Repair and recover corrupted filesystems”

40.4 firewalld Service Status

- 4th example: command line should probably be “sudo firewall-cmd --state” instead of “sudo firewall-cmd --status”

40.5 Zones

- 1st paragraph: First sentence should probably be something like “...defined level of trust and a certain knowledge of the behaviour...” instead of “...defined level of trust and a certain know behaviour...”. Second sentence should probably be “...changed with firewall-cmd...” instead of “...changed with with firewall-cmd...”. Second sentence is missing the closing parenthesis.

- 4th list item: There should probably be a blank line before “dmz” and a new line before “Used when access...”

40.6 Zone Management

- 4th example: The text should probably be “To change the default zone to home...” instead of “To change the default zone to trusted...”



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