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Need help, very stubborn virus, plzz help.

Ocd1188 Posts: 1
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I have a bunch of files coded to take over root user permissions write protect Hdds , usbs, ssd's and it opens all kinds of connections. Also corrupts my mbr and regenerates anything I delete.... Im at the end of my knowledge, i need help badly.

Thanks! :(..... Cmon im not just a noob that has a virus, its a seriously huge amount of code in all different caches and places data can be stored. I've tried for about a month, I cnat do it, hell If a linux admin can fix it remotley or a good user Ill make a 50$ donation to linux or as a reward.


  • steeleind

    If it's opening up connections, stop this by doing:


    ifconfig wlan0 down


    ifconfig eth0 down

    This will take down your networking interface.

    Then type:

    'crontab -e' as root, or check /etc/crontab, and /etc/con.d/ and all other cron directories for scripts that could be running automatically or at start up (also check /etc/rc.local and the rc.d directories). Check these for scripts that may be causing your problem.

    Check the logs in the /var/log directory.

    Also check symbolic links in /etc/ or the /root/ home directory.

    However, I do not see how the files you are deleting could be coming back unless:

    1.) The infection in your system runs debugfs and finds inodes of deleted files and revives them

    2.) The infection in your system runs lsof and revives deleted files in your system.

    3.) You are deleting files through Nautilus (or another file manager) and not with 'rm'

    I am available to help you directly with your problem.


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